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Flawless winemaking and consistency is always noticeable in each bottle.  Whether you like soft dry reds or prefer sweeter styles, we will definitely have something for your taste buds to enjoy!
Every single one of our white wines are made to their fullest potential as you can see in the preserved color and aroma.  Extremely careful handling of the fruit, controlling the temperature throughout fermentation and storage, as well as keeping oxygen out of contact with these wines shows in every glass.  



Traditionally made by taking a red grape and making it into the style of a white wine, we have produced a very popular rose made in the sweet style called Red Fox Rose.  Very smooth and easy to drink, this is a great wine for any occasion and best served chilled.  
If you prefer an unsweet Rose, then our Rose Reserve is just for you.  Our version of a dry rose wine is less acidic and more flavorful than the usual.

After many years of growing various fruits, we decided that it's best enjoyed in a glass. These wines are offered on a seasonal basis and are exclusively available in our tasting room and online shop only.   
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