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Dry White Wine

With light tropical aromas, this white wine matches particularly well with seafood, creamy pasta and provolone.

Vidal Blanc

Dry White Wine


Very crisp and light with hints of apple and citrus, our Vidal Blanc is a wonderful alternative to Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc.  Pairs very well with seafood, chicken, and creamy pastas.


Semi Dry White Wine

You’ll notice the elegant rose aroma of Traminette immediately. A hint of sweetness gives balance to this wine and pairs very well with pork, seafood, and turkey.


Semi Dry White Wine

Bursting with fruity flavors of pineapple, melon, and nectarine, our Vignoles offer a great balance between sugar and acidity. Try this wine by itself or pair with spicy dishes.

House White

Semi Dry White Wine​

A refreshing light and balanced wine that’s easy to drink any day.  Pairs very well with fruit, cheese, and meat dishes.

Truman White

Sweet White Wine

A great summertime wine to enjoy with friends, our Sweet White blend is full of tropical fruit flavors along with floral aromas.  Serve chilled.

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